EWLS Recognized in PWI - Pro Wrestling Illustrated Magazine


EWLS is proud to announce that Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine has recognized EWLS as the ...fine wrestling product that it is and wrote a small write-up recognizing the heated title hunt in EWLS. This was written in the current Dec issue of PWI. The following write-up was included:


Another title chase to keep an eye on is the Ontario-based Extreme Wrestling League Show. There, number-one contender "The Motion Picture" Ethan Page is hot on the trail of EWLS Extreme Champion "The Sport" Jessy Jones.


Jones recently defeated “Mommie Tsunami”Jodi D’milo and "Hacker" Scotty O'Shea in a highly competitive triple-threat match to further establish his dominence over a diverse field of competitors, but Page's impressive win in a 10-man "WRESTLEDOWN" battle royal also turned some heads.


A showdown between Jones and Page is on the horizon, and will possibly be the most anticipated match in EWLS this year.


Wrestling shows alive and well in Durham



 When it comes to entrepreneurship, the sky’s the limit, and young Darryl Extreme is here to prove it. Darryl is the sole owner of EWLS(Extreme Wrestling League Show) a thriving booking agency incorporated in November 2007. EWLS puts on shows in Bowmanville, Oshawa, Whitby, Brooklin, Port Perry, and other locations throughout Durham Region.


Of course it helps that substantial certain sectors of the public thirst for wrestling performances, plus the competition is fairly light, with at least one other business in Durham providing the same service. But more importantly, Darryl’s success comes from his company’s main cadre of first and foremost making sure fans enjoy every minute of the shows and leave satisfied that they got their money’s worth.   Providing only good quality entertainment each time ensures that the objective is met.


Wrestlers contacted by EWLS for possible bookings come from across Canada and also from all over the world, so you’ll be sure to see prime wrestling matches by some of the finest in the business.


The next show is scheduled for May 1st at the Brooklin Community Centre and it promises to be quite an extravaganza. Worldwide wrestling superstar, Vic Venus will be a special guest, and for the first time, a Super Ladies Title Match will unfold, ending with crowning Extreme Wrestling’s first Super Ladies Champion.


EWLS plans to continue serving Durham with more outstanding, first-class sports diversions and is looking to expand outside the region later this year.


Interview with Sabrina Kyle



EWLS Website: First off we like to start out saying congradulations on winning SUPER LADIES title and by asking how you Sabrina Kyle doing today?

Sabrina Kyle: Yeah whatever you don't care how I am doing let's get this over with.

EWLS Website: Now that you been wrestling for EWLS for a Bit how do you feel about wrestling for this company and why?

Sabrina Kyle: It's a company like any other.
EWLS Website: Now Sabrina Kyle how dose it feel to be 1st ever SUPER LADIES CHAMPION? and do you feel that the decision was fare by the Referee awarding you winner bare in mind everybody saw what happen but the Referee and you take the belt from Portia after she took it from the pole an once again do you feel the decision is fare and why?

Sabrina Kyle: It feels great I know I am a champion but now I have your belt to prove it. I didn't take anything from Portia it was rightfully mine to begin with.
EWLS Website: Sabrina Kyle do you feel that Portia Perez was wronged screwed out of winning by the Referee awarding you the winner and why?

Sabrina Kyle: Um NO!
EWLS Website: Sabrina Kyle We were told that Portia Perez has a rematch and that she can use it any time she wants against you. Do you feel she deserves a rematch and why?

Sabrina Kyle: She doesn't deserve anything, she has never proven herself I have beat her all 3 times I have faced her in EWLS.
EWLS Website: Up to this point wrestling for EWLS what as been your biggest challenage and wrestling opponent?

Sabrina Kyle: I haven't had any.
EWLS Website: If you can pick your own opponent to wrestle in EWLS who would you pick and why?

Sabrina Kyle: Trish Stratus, because she is my favorite diva of all time.
EWLS Website: give us a little brief info into the wrestler Sabrina Kyle of EWLS? 

Sabrina Kyle: You have to pay for that type of information.
EWLS Website: What is your special finishing move?

Sabrina Kyle: The Last Laugh (Reverse Pedigree)
EWLS Website: We hear you have this sort of manager give us an insite to who he or she is a brief info? 

Sabrina Kyle: His name is Josh Rogen, and you are lucky to have him on your roster.
EWLS Website: We here hear you Sabrina Kyle refer to yourself as the bubbly one can you explain why you call yourself bubbly one?

Sabrina Kyle: I have never refered to myself as that.
EWLS Website: Last but not lease what is in store for Sabrina Kyle in the up coming EWLS what can we expected and any last info you wish to share regarding you?

Sabrina Kyle: I am going to hold on to my title and beat whoever gets in my way.
We thank you for your time in do this interview with us. We at EWLS Website want to wish you good one here in EWLS and Wish you the best success in everything in EWLS.

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